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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fridge Magnet bought from Dubai

All items are new and unsed. Bought during a trip there..

M29 (4PCS), M30 (1PC), M31 (4PCS), M32 (1PC)
M33 (4PCS), M34 (2PCS), M35 (4PCS), M36 (1PC)
M37 (1PC), M38 (3PCS), M40 (2PCS), M41 (2PCS)
M43 (2PCS), M44 (1PC), M45 (1PC), M46 (1PC),
M47 (1PC), M48 (1PC), M49 (1PC) 
RM25 per piece

M50 (1PC), M51 (1PC), M52 (1PC)
RM20 per piece

Fridge Magnet and Keychains bought from Taiwan

All items are new and unused. I opened the package just to take photo.
TM01, TM02, TM03, TM04, TM05, TM08, TM20 = RM20 per piece
TM06, TM07 = RM30 per piece
OTHER = RM10 per piece