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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Cloth Diaper Bamboo Fiber Inserts. 
Basically : Anti-bacterial, Anti-Smell, Feels Cooler, Slimmer.

Insert Size = 32 x 12cm


STOCK AVAILABLE: More than 50 pcs


The Benefits of Bamboo Cloth Diapers

Bamboo cloth diapers are a perfect choice for living green. Bamboo fabric is lightweight, durable and resilient.

The Benefits for Your Baby

  • Bamboo is hypoallergenic and is great for babies with sensitive skin.
  • Bamboo fabric is softer than cotton and even hemp. Bamboo has been compared to cashmere and is being recognized as one of the softest fabrics available in the market that can be worn next to the skin.
  • Bamboo is naturally organic. Bamboo requires no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers to grow which means none of these chemicals come in contact with your baby’s skin.
  • Bamboo is very absorbent. According to research bamboo is able to absorb three times its weight in water. Bamboo fabric absorbs 70% more moisture than cotton. Due to its absorbency it quickly wicks moisture away from baby’s skin and has been proven to be one of the highest grades of moisture wicking fabrics. Cotton fabrics cannot wick moisture away from baby’s skin.
  • Bamboo is breathable. Bamboo diapers allow for maximum air circulation as baby moves,reducing the risk of bacteria by keeping the temperature inside the diaper down. This ensures great comfort for your baby.
  • Bamboo has insulating properties. Bamboo diapers will keep babies bottoms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. When cotton fabrics are wet they lose their insulating qualities.
  • Bamboo fiber is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial. Bamboo fiber helps to reduce or destroy odor-causing bacteria that thrive/reside on clothing and skin. Cotton is not antibacterial.
  • Bamboo has more elasticity and is less bulky than cotton resulting in comfort for your baby.

The Benefits for the Environment

  • Bamboo is a natural organic fiber making it very environmentally friendly.
  • Unlike cotton which requires a lot of pesticides to grow, bamboo grows without the need for pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.
  • Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and sustainable making it a great fiber choice for the manufacturing of cloth diapers.
  • Bamboo generates up to 30 percent more oxygen than trees. It helps reduce carbon dioxide gases blamed for global warming.
  • Growing Bamboo enriches the soil while cotton damages it.
  • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It produces greater biomass and 30 percent more oxygen than a hardwood forest growing on the same area, while improving watersheds, preventing erosion, restoring soil, providing sweet edible shoots, and removing toxins from contaminated soil.
  • Bamboo can be harvested every year (after an initial 7 years) compared to 30-50 years for trees.
  • Bamboo can yield 20 times more timber than trees on the same area.


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